Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The one pound Wig service is back by popular demand.. if you missed it last time, you dolt want to miss it again!!! £1 WIGS - Yes £1 for a wig service - any type Yes thats correct A POUND!You've heard all the rage, seen all posts perhaps even tried one.. (from us) and you know that its well worth all its hype. Be it your traditional Closure wig, a K Fringe Wig or a Frontal wig.. its all yes yes yes! and we at khairmax do love us some wigs!I mean why the hell wouldn't one?! They are very natural looking, secure, and oh so fabulous with the added bonus of allowing you to take it off at night to give that natural hair underneath a good ol scratch (we mean ...

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

If you don't already know us by know and our obsession with colour experimentation, perhaps this colour inspirational post will put you in the know. Yes we love colour, no particular colour just all colours in all its wonderful colourful glory and thats colour for the hair we mean. Many people wonder what the consequences of colouring their hair extensions and whether we indeed recommended it, if its safe or detrimental to the hair  We understand that damage is a  major concern for many hair extension wearers who want to experiment with colour. Will your hair still be of great quality once coloured? The truth is colouring does stripe the hair from its purest ...

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

 FIVE FASHION & HAIR MUST TRYS FOR SPRING 2017 The Upbeat spring season is almost upon us where the days are lighter, warmer and so much brighter but also meaning time to ditch our cover ups, chunky jumpers and tweed coats for the new spring trends of 2017,And with the warmer weather comes some lighter softer spring hair colourations in shades, of pinks, pale blues, blonds and lots of highlighting and gone are the dark autumn winter shades of blacks, reds, plums and burgundy.We've therefore brought you some hair colour inspiration popular for the spring / summer season  as well as our five top picks for spring 2017 THE WHITE SHIRT ...

Lets do a 360 (Lace Frontal :)
Thursday, February 23, 2017

ITS ALL ABOUT THE 360 FRONTAL  Things just keeps getting better and better for closure lover which we all are. And our latest offering in the form of the 360 frontal is just the best thing, well since our last offering ;)In addition to a natural breathable lace on our closures and a natural hairline on our frontals, the 360 frontal has it all plus more!This New 360 frontal – as the name suggests is lace that covers the whole circumference of your head giving you a very natural hair line, side as well as nape line ☺Doesn’t get any better right? Perfect for a wig or weave installation that will allow you to have a high pony tail that will will look ...

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

  VALENTINES STYLE, HAIR AND GIFT IDEAS Happy Love Month and we are very excited about it.  We are wanting to offer a helping hand for the Day of Love with regards to what we know you love the most and that is STYLE the complete style that is; Hair, Makeup, outfit and jewellery We hope you get inspired by what we have put together We have a look for all options for Valentines; casual, work, date, Full Glam and perhaps a Anti-Valentines, Valentines look for a night with girlfriends (if you know what we mean ;) but one thing that is consistant through out all the looks is elements of Red. Subtle to full blown 'cant miss me Im celebrating ...

The beauty card is back
Tuesday, January 31, 2017

 Although the first month of the year can be quite exciting, with the 'New Year New Me' chant and all that positive affirmation and determined energy into making the year 'the best ever'... BUT the first couple of months of the year, we must admit can be the worst financially.  With all that christmas overspending, pampering of ones' selfie and lets not forget the oh so tempting new years sales that kept or purses in a twist... it is tough!but theres Good news..... THE 10% BEAUTY CARD IS BACKYes, Its been a while, quite a long while actually but we are back to giving out our 10% Beauty card Those that have had the opportunity to receive one in the past will ...

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

As much as we believe in MORE, sometimes however less is more... And with this said, we would like to let you in one of the biggest change weave (excuse the pun) made to bring you a better service and product offering for 2017 and beyondWe’re wanting to simplify things for you and therefore have Stripped down the large collection of hair types that we previously offered, to the very best of textures:Bodywave, straight, wavy, curly and luxe straight and blonde.The texture type is what you will now see on our website and social feeds – should you be wanting learn of the origins of these selective textures, you can visit the hair products pageWe believe these changes of ...

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