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Tuesday, June 20, 2017
By Khair MaxBeauty
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The one pound Wig service is back again by popular demand.. £1 WIGS service for any type of wig, Closure, frontal or a 360, saving you upto a whooping £149


You've heard all the rage about wigs, who isn't wearing one these days? and if you have tried one.. (from us) and you know that its well worth all its hype.


Be it your traditional Closure wig, a K Fringe Wig or a Frontal wig.. its all yes yes yes! and we at khairmax do love us some wigs!


Wigs are very natural looking, secure, and oh so fabulous with the added bonus of allowing you to take it off at night to give that natural hair underneath some needed breathing space. 

And with Our 1st of July Special, we are offering Wig Services for next to nothing... for hair purchased on that day (Only).. Saving you up to £149.00 and giving you a new fabulous summer look... YAY!!


Simply go online and select the type of wig you wish to have made (All at a £1) and then select a minimum of 2 bundles of hair and a Lace/Silk System.... Voila!


***Processing time is up to 21 Working days excluding delivery. . . however in most cases wigs are turned around in 3 - 5 working days***


Needing some inspo, Lets take a look at some options Below... Enjoy x


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