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Tuesday, July 18, 2017
By Khair MaxBeauty
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We know Summer Holidays are here and we what you to enjoy your Khairmax hair to the fullest by creating different looks and styling it according to different occasions.

We know sometimes can be bored to be stuck with the same hairstyle all the time... Take some time and invest in your hair because there is so much you can achieve with your Khairmax hair. From straight to glam curls, from all hair down to updos you can reinvent your look in the more diverse ways. 

As you know at Khairmax we are style lovers so we are always striving for more and more ideas for looks and I have to say we have a great partner in crime to achieve our goals here... our amazing Khairmax Curling Wand!

We want to help and inspire you to get started as well as encourage you to get the most out of your hair by giving you our super styling tool... Yes, you read it well... we are giving away a FREE Khairmax Curling Wand on all orders of £100 or more.

Simply enter the code [ WAND ] at the checkout to redeem your offer. 

* Please note that this offer cannot be combined with any other offer. One offer valid only per purchase *


We truly believe that our Khairmax curling wand is a must have when it comes to styling swell as protecting your luscious hair. And why is it so amazing and what does it have have to offer you?... so let me break it down for you;

  • It is a tourmaline-infused ceramic wand with infrared heat and negative technology
  • Heats up to 200c / 400f 
  • 4 part ceramic curler set with 4 different sized inter-changeable barrels to create a variety of beautiful curls (19mm, 25mm, 32mm reverse to 18mm to 25mm)
  • It comes with a handy heat resistant glove to protect your from the heat


Our styling tool looks pretty good, don't you think? It's time to get your own for free ;) And the next step is getting ready to find some hair ideas for Summer...

Don't worry, you know we got your back, we have summed up some style inspo. Take a look and enjoy...




Hope you enjoyed our inspo ideas xX

We will leave you with our video on some last tips ;) 


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