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Wednesday, July 09, 2014
By Deniele Allen
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lace closure vs silk closure

So you have made your choice of hair and you now have that dreaded decision to make; silk or lace Closure or Frontal. This is a question we at Khairmax get asked on a daily basis and we know how much of a dilemma it can be. So here is all you need to know to help you come to a decision.


Lace top closure



The Lace based closure is transparent and therefore allows the colour of your scalp to show through. Many ask will you not be able to see the netting but when installed correctly it is in fact really hard to see. We offer Lace based closures in One Part and Three Part and Frontal in freestyle with a standard customised natural hairline and fake baby hairs. The one part closure is great to placed either at the centre of your head to create a center parting or slightly to the side which will give you a side parting.




The Silk based closure and frontal has a layer of silk which covers the lace to give you a phenomenal appearance of a natural scalp. As with the lace closure this is offered in One Part and Three Part However, there is the added option of going Freestyle, both with a closure and frontal which is  without a parting allowing you to decide where and how you would want the hair to fall.



The truth is both bases are great and will leave people wondering whether or not you are even wearing a closure system.  When it comes to choosing silk or lace it all comes down to trying and seeing which one you feel most suits your appearance.


Your friends and family may give you their views but let’s face it we all have our own preferences and tastes. What one likes the other may not.


They are made with Peruvian hair, which successful blends with all types of hair and come in bodywave, straight and curly virgin hair for optimum choice.


Closure systems are a must have addition to beautiful virgin hair. They finish off your look with a totally undetectable parted area giving you a flawless look.


The added benefit of having a closure system is that they enable you to put your hair away giving it the well-deserved break it needs from time to time with easy styling.


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Khairmax Beauty - Great tip for those who may feel the same way about the lace base.
Definitely each to their own. Both have their advantages :) x
Toni - I've found the silk base better. Everytime I have used the lace base closure, I end up having to add a bit of foundation or brown eye pencil to minimise the net from showing.
Nevertheless, each to their own :)

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