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Tuesday, January 24, 2017
By Khairmax
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As much as we believe in MORE, sometimes however less is more... And with this said, we would like to let you in one of the biggest change weave (excuse the pun) made to bring you a better service and product offering for 2017 and beyond

We’re wanting to simplify things for you and therefore have Stripped down the large collection of hair types that we previously offered, to the very best of textures:

Bodywave, straight, wavy, curly and luxe straight and blonde.

The texture type is what you will now see on our website and social feeds – should you be wanting learn of the origins of these selective textures, you can visit the hair products page

We believe these changes of choosing texture over origin of hair will bring about a much easier and enjoyable shopping experience with Khairmax and for those wanting to ‘have more fun’ we also offer a selection blonde Straight hair which is perfect for achieving that lush pastal shade that has remained oh so very popular the last few seasons.



"What hair Texture best suits me?" is one of the most asked question we get, not only from our first time customers but repeating customers too..


and to answer this, we simply say 'it depends..!'


It depends on a number of factors, also acknowledging the fact that the question itself could mean many things; What hair would best suits or blends well with natural hair, relaxed / permed hair / Caucasian hair OR  what texture would suit me, my face, my lifestyle?


We believe most of the textures we offer are capable of achieving a number of different looks, making them very versatile; Our silky and luxe straight hair can be curled, our wavy hair can be straightened but  will always revert back to its original pattern when washed.

And although it is true that even the curly hair can be straightened, For those however primarily wanting a sleek look, we would recommend our silky or luxe straight hair

Those wanting big bouncy hair full of body our bodywave hair would be our recommendation

For a defined wave pattern look, our wavy best fits that bill 


If you are wanting to have leave out with natural afro hair, both the bodywave and curly would be what we would recommend - as those hair types are yakiest textures we offer.


Our Silky straight is the top choice for blending seamlessly with Caucasian hair whilst luxe straight and wavy are great for blending well with relaxed hair.


If you are not having any leave out, it would simply boil down to the look you are wanting to achieve. 

So you see, we can only advise you of the best texture for you once we know what you are wanting to do with the hair and the look you hope to achieve 

We hope full explaination of our textures below will make the selection process easier for you.


Happy Choosing 


Bodywave Hair

One of our most popular hair type.
Sourced from different regions in Brazil.
Recommended for people that want natural, fuller looking hair.

You can wash, tong, straighten and dye this hair granting you the utmost versatility to enjoy it for years to come.

 It holds curls very well, and its natural curl pattern never drops

unrivalled for having the most staying power when it colouring, this hair can withstand more then the others

Silky Straight Hair 

Sourced from Peru has established itself firmly on the market as incredibly easy to manage and unrivalled longevity.

This hair is Naturally light with fantastic volume, that blends easily with caucasian hair and relaxed hair. It is very versatile, as well as wearing it in its natural silky straight state, this hair curls well granting you different looks everyday.This Hair takes professional dyeing systems with ease. Naturally light with fantastic volume, that blends easily with caucasian hair and relaxed hair.





Wavy Hair


One of the most beautiful hair types. Sourced from Mongolia Its curl pattern is defined waves that can be worn in its natural state or curled further to give you more glamorous curls. This hair can also be dyed and straightened giving you versatility with your looks, its natural wavy pattern will be restored when washed. It wavy texture does however loosen with time.

One of the easiest hair to manage, Full in density yet beautifully soft to the touch. Can be blended easily with relaxed hair.




Curly Hair


Sourced from Brazil has beautiful deep thick curls that looks gorgeous and feels amazingly soft to the touch. Easy to manage long lasting hair can be worn in its natural pattern or combed out for an even fuller and afro look. returning to its natural curl when wet. 

Like the Bodywave this hair is fantastic for dyeing whilst maintaining its curls.  

Recommend for those wanting full bouncy deep curls.



Luxe Straight Hair 

Sourced from different regions of Cambodia. Straight, sleek, and by far the most luxurious hair we have sourced. 
Exceptionally beautiful to touch. Although sleek it is still extremely full. Cambodian hair offers many lighter shades and offers you the option to not have to dye it.




Blonde Hair

Caucasian hair sourced from Various European Countries. It is very soft, silky and light. It comes in Straight texture holds curls exceptionally well and can be dyed a multitude of colours. 

Recommended for those that want more fun and the perfect base for Pastal colouring.

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