Your new hair will be radiant, healthy and luxurious. The best way to get the longest life out of your new virgin hair extensions is to take good care of the hair and only use top products.  

At Khairmax we have an amazing range of Argan oil based hair care products, which is used by our salon stylists. Argan Oil is a natural hair protectant keeping your new extensions strong, radiant and glossy.

For Coloured hair, Argan oil helps removes brittleness and restores natural smoothness. It also nourishes and gives you manageable and tangle free hair.

Unlike your own hair, hair extensions cannot produce any oils, which moisturize the hair naturally so they can become a little dry from time to time. To counter this we recommend that you apply a little hair serum to the hair once a day or once every other day. A tiny amount is all that is needed. 

To protect and your hair against heat and the elements Khairmax Shine and Shield Argan Oil Spray instantly repairs and adds elasticity to dry and frizzy hair. It is a lightweight and effective product infused with Argan Oil and UV filters. This provides your hair with instant, radiant shine and protection against the elements.


Our Range of Morrocan Argan Oil Haircare includes;


Morrocan Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo


Argan Oil Moisture repair shampoo provides the ultimate salon indulgence to instantly transform your hair.

This Shampoo restores moisture, vitality and manageability to hair.  Formulated to stimulate growth, this shampoo provides softer, healthier and smoother hair. This ultra moisturizing formula gently cleanses the hair without stripping colour. 


Morrocan Argan Oil Moisture Conditioner

Nourishing Argan Oil Moisture Conditioner beautifies hair with shine, manageability and movement.

The Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 9 in Argan oil gently nourishes hair, helps restore vitality and strength. Argan Oil Moisture Conditioner promotes growth by moisturising from root to tip.


Morrocan Argan Oil Ultra Hydrating Hair Mask

Argan Oil Ultra hydrating hair mask is an intense hydrating and conditioning treatment rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3. It tames, rejuvenate and restores hair’s natural moisture balance.

This Conditioner helps re-structure hairs protective film to shield it from damage and helps revitalise dry, brittle and damaged hair. This leaves it silky smooth, shiny and manageable with extra strength.


Morrocan Argan Oil Treatment Serum

Argan Oil Serum has a special blend of ingredients, helping to make styling effortless and superior in condition. This miracle serum counters damage caused by everyday washing, brushing, colouring and styling.

Our lightweight, luxurious formula is instantly absorbed to help nourish and reduce frizz. This serum nurtures hair and helps enrich natural shine, delivering a soft, smooth, silky finish without any product build up!


Morrocan Argan Oil Curl Control Mousse

Curly and tightly spiraled hair needs control without the crunch. Curl Control Mousse's lightweight yet powerful formula is enriched with organ oil to tame, define and hold curls naturally for hours while sealing in moisture and keeping out frizz. Curls and ringlets are left looking soft, smooth and natural in any weather.
A styling mousse that builds body and provides flexible hold. Our weightless formula creates natural styles with lift and movement, without leaving residue.